How do I fund my account?
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New Investors:  

You can fund your SmartWealth account through a direct bank transfer to the designated SmartWealth account provided in your funding instructions. 

When opening a new account with SmartWealth, a set of funding instructions will be shared once you have signed your Client Agreement and confirmed your acceptance of the recommended investment plan. Ahead of transferring the funds, we ask that you verify that the bank details you have provided are accurate and notify us of the amount you intend to fund.

Funding instructions will be made available on your dashboard and sent to you by email.    

Existing Investors: 

Simply log into your SmartWealth account and let us know of how much you intend to fund and confirm the source of funds within the "Transfers" page. 

Funding instructions will be made available within the "Transfers" page and sent to you by email.  

Investors via the NBK Mobile Banking app:

If you already have opened an account, select “Deposit” from the menu and follow the given instructions. Select the bank account from which you want to transfer and proceed with making your deposit.

Existing clients can also transfer directly to their SmartWealth account via the NBK Mobile Banking app, by selecting “Transfers” from the bottom menu, then “NBK Capital Transfers”, then “SmartWealth”.

If you are a new client, proceed with the full registration process, which should automatically guide you to fund your account once it has been opened and approved.

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