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What are the fees associated with having a SmartWealth account?
What are the fees associated with having a SmartWealth account?
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1. Registration fee
This is a one-time registration fee of 50 USD (approx. 15KD) and is only charged once you fund your account. It is not charged when you open a new additional account under your same account. You will not be charged this fee again if you decided to reinvest after having withdrawn all your funds.

Please note the $50 will be deducted from your initial deposit amount*.

*The registration fee only applies to accounts opened via the SmartWealth app or website.

2. Management fees

Management fees are deducted from your account at the end of every month and are based on daily charges.

Ex: You funded your account with $5,000

  • Day 1 management fee = 5,000 x (1.5% / 365) = $0.205
    On the 2nd day, your account value is $5,060

  • Day 2 management fee = 5,060 x (1.5% / 365) = $0.208
    On the 3rd day, your account value is $4,880

  • Day 3 management fee = $4,880 x (1.5% / 365) = $0.201
    Therefore, monthly management fee = Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3 + ... + day 30.

We calculate management fees based on the days in which you have stayed active (including the days of the month in which you withdrew the money).

  • Ex.: you request a withdrawal on April 13, management fees will be calculated and deducted only for the first 13 days of the month of April (NOT the full month).

3. Transaction fees:

Marginal fee deducted when buying or selling ETFs.

4. Custody fees:

Custody fees are the expenses associated for safekeeping your assets (cash and securities) while investing. Think of this as your vault.

Custody fees will be calculated daily, and deducted monthly. As for the month in which you request a withdrawal, they are based on the number of days in which you have stayed active within that month.

5. Transfer Fees

When requesting a withdrawal, transfer fees are up to 7 USD.

For transfers to non-NBK accounts, an additional transfer fee of up to 15 USD will be incurred on top of the 7 USD, and other transfer fees may be deducted by the receiving bank.

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